Best Foodie Experience in Corfu

Angelo Del Arte Estate Boutique Hotel in Corfu

Venetian Well

International cuisine

Corfu Town’s finest special-occasion restaurant has a beautifully faded square to itself, hidden away near the cathedral and complete with a genuine Venetian well. The exquisite contemporary approach to cuisine adorns local meats, fish and vegetables with all sorts of foams, mousses and gels; even if you can’t always tell what you’re eating, it’s invariably delicious.

Plateia Kremasti

26615 50955

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Hours7-11.30pm Mon-Sat

Pricemains €16-24



Seafood in Corfu Town

Right next to the market and a fishmongers, this is an easy-going, youthful place to eat inventive and truly superb seafood such as prawn tortellini with wild-mushroom sauce or the unexpectedly delightful octopus with hummus. There’s a light-filled interior or you can eat outside at one of the couple of tables. Advance bookings almost essential.

Spirou Vlaikou 1

26614 01213


Pricemains €12-20


Pane & Souvlaki

Top choice grill in Corfu Town

Arguably the Old Town’s best-value budget option (the locals rave), with outdoor tables on the town-hall square, this quick-fire restaurant does exactly what its name suggests, serving up three skewers of chicken or pork with chunky chips, dipping sauce and warm pitta in individual metal trays. The salads and burgers are good, too.

Guilford 77

26610 20100

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Pricemains €6-13.50


To Tavernaki tis Marinas

Taverna in Corfu Town

The stone walls, hardwood floors and cheerful staff lift the ambience of this taverna. Check the daily specials, or choose anything from mousakas (baked layers of aubergine or courgette, minced meat and potatoes topped with cheese sauce), sardines-in-the-oven or steak. Accompany it all with a dram of ouzo or tsipouro (a distilled spirit similar to raki).

Velissariou 35

26611 00792


Pricemains €8-15


La Cucina

Italian in Corfu Town

Chic and stylish, this romantic, dinner-only place is known for its creative cuisine and VIP clients. The name implies Italian food, though the owner insists that ‘the Kitchen’ brings on more global cuisine. There’s everything from poke to lamb chops, hand-rolled pasta or gourmet pizzas, plus wonderful Asian-inspired dishes. Good wine for all budgets, too.

Moustoxidou 13

26610 45799


Pricemains €15-30



Taverna in Corfu Town

As Greek as it gets, this earthy, lunch-only spot is a Corfiot institution, although tourists seem to take over in summer. It serves up decent mayirefta (home cooking), and there’s everything from beef stew with tomatoes to fried salt cod, as well as plenty of veggie options. A reliable bet, it’ll blow neither your mind nor your budget.

S Desilla 13

26610 31182

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Hours10am-5pm Mon-Sat

Pricemains €9-15



Seafood in Corfu Town

Much-loved little back-alley restaurant with a handful of outdoor tables. Most diners are here for the seafood, savouring dishes such as squid carpaccio, octopus with fava-bean mousse, and grilled sea bass, but it also serves standard Greek meat favourites.

Maniarizi-Arlioti 15

26610 32252

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Hoursnoon-midnight Mon-Sat, 6pm-midnight Sun

Pricemains €10-21



Mediterranean in Corfu Town

A favourite local rendezvous, especially for leisurely lunches, this stately cafe-restaurant set a block back from the Liston serves a Mediterranean-leaning menu of pasta, salads, and specialities such as veal sofrito (cooked in wine and garlic) and Corfiot rooster (cooked in tomato sauce).

Kapodistriou 66

26610 39649

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Pricemains €9-18


Corfu Sailing Club Restaurant

Greek in Corfu Town

The effort it takes to reach this romantic and refined restaurant, on the waterfront within the Old Fort, is rewarded with a perfect location for a sundowner, plus a menu rich in everything from squid and sea bream to pork medallions or liver.

Palaio Frourio

26610 38763

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Pricemains €9-22



Corfiot in Corfu Town

Claiming to be the oldest restaurant in town, the Aegli has a perfect location on the Liston and serves decent traditional meals, including a tasty wild-green stew, plus there’s a full menu of Greek appetisers as well as meat and seafood. All dishes are meticulously prepared and served with a smile.

Kapodistriou 13

26610 31949


Pricemains €11-25


La Famiglia

Italian in Corfu Town

Tucked into an alley near the Church of Agios Spyridon, this cosy restaurant with checked tablecloths and peach-coloured interior delights with antipasti, quiche, linguini, and carpaccio with smoked salmon.

Maniarizi-Arlioti 26

26610 30270

Hours7.30pm-12.30am Mon-Sat

Pricemains €13-20